Environmental Management Plans for Construction

The purpose of a CEMP (Construction Ecological Management Plan) and/or a Landscape Ecological Management Plans (LEMP) is to outline how a construction project will avoid, minimise or mitigate effects on the environment and surrounding area.

These plans are often created so that environmental commitments outlined in Environmental Statements, planning conditions, Section 106 agreements or other legislative requirements are fulfilled.

Construction Ecological Management Plans set out the methods of managing potential environmental impacts arising from the construction. A typical plan will;

  • Draw attention to stakeholder requirements.
  • Ensure that the development is compliant with current environmental legislation.
  • Detail the mitigation committed to within the Environmental Statement or planning condition and how it will be implemented on site.
  • Minimise potential adverse effects of the construction (such as spillage, dust control, noise, illumination etc).
  • Describe any site-specific method statements required.

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