Habitat Management Plans

Orbis Ecology can devise schemes that deliver enhancement in line with national and local planning policy and to compensate (where necessary) ecological loss relating to development.

In addition, our Habitat Management Plans can be created to enable the protection, climate resilience and on-going management of habitats. This might include a plan for restoring habitats or creating new habitats (such as wildflower meadow, hedgerow planting, woodland planting etc).

Orbis Ecology has worked on many projects where Habitat Management Plans have been required, such as restoring habitats at landfill sites in Devon or offering guidance to land owners or homeowners.

Habitat Management Plans will often aim to;

  • Identify the objectives and the purpose of managing the site
  • Identify and describe the management necessary to achieve the objectives
  • Identify the level of monitoring required to ensure effective management
  • Ensure that the management objectives and operations reflect the policies of the client.

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