Bat Survey

Our experienced ecologists will advise you on the most appropriate type of survey for your needs. For example, you will need a Building Inspection if you are renovating a barn or outbuilding. One of our licenced bat specialists will conduct a daytime survey of the structure and make assessments regarding the likelihood of bat or nesting bird presence. Sometimes we will recommend that additional surveys are undertaken at night to inform our understanding of how bats use the building.

If a development is going to damage or destroy a bat roost you will need a European Protected Species Licence (EPSL) issued from Natural England to enable the development to proceed lawfully. Orbis Ecology has a 100% approval rate of EPS licences and has extensive experience in designing and implementing mitigation in bat roosts.

There are three types of survey generally used;

  • Internal surveys (building inspections) identify signs of bat use. This can include locating droppings,feeding remains or identifying areas where bats could potentially be roosting. This type of survey can be conducted at any time in the year.

If signs of bats are identified, or the site is considered to have the potential to be used by bats it is likely that follow up surveys will be required. This will usually be in the form of;

  • Emergence surveys/Re-entry surveys identify whether bats are roosting in a particular location.
    Information such as species identification and roost type will be gathered during this type of survey.
  • Activity Surveys establish how bats are using a site.
    Surveyors will look for foraging activity, social behaviour, and commuter routes amongst other bat activity. Emergence and activity surveys can only beconducted when bats are active, usually from May to October (inclusive).
Orbis Ecology Bat Protected Species Survey Timetable

The data gathered from these surveys will be analysed and used to develop site specific recommendations including whether a European Protected Species Licence is required for the development to continue.

Contrary to the commonly held perception, having bats at your development site does not usually mean the development must be abandoned.


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