Dormouse Survey

Research has shown that dormouse populations are in decline and they are protected under current legislation. It is important to survey for dormice if there are suitable habitats on site. Dormice like diverse habitats that contain a range tree species and native shrubs.

As dormice are a nocturnal species, dormouse surveys tend to focus on identifying field signs to confirm their presence. This can include searches for nests and dormouse nibbled hazelnuts. Nesting tubes or boxes can be erected in areas assessed as being suitable for dormice. Our team hold Natural England class licences for dormice, and are experienced dormouse ecology and survey.

Orbis Ecology Dormice Protected Species Survey Timetable

Nesting tube surveys are carried out during the dormouse active season – between May and September. The tubes should be installed in April then  checked monthly for signs of dormice to determine presence or potential absence. If dormice are using your site you may need to apply for a European Protected Species Licence from Natural England before works can commence.


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