Nesting Bird Survey

All wild nesting birds and their eggs are protected and it is an offence to take, kill or destroy birds, their eggs or their nests.

The nesting season runs from March to September and so special precautions must be taken to avoid disturbing them during this time.

Orbis Ecology Nesting Birds Protected Species Survey Timetable

Birds build their nests in a variety of locations. These can include:

  • Scrub and hedgerows
  • Woodpiles
  • Trees
  • Buildings
  • Ground (species such as skylark and yellowhammer)
  • Cliff and quarry faces

It is generally advised that developers avoid clearing sites in the summer months, and schedule work during the winter. If this is not possible, a Nesting Bird Survey will need to be conducted to ensure that there are no active nests present.

Our experienced ecologists will advise you on the most appropriate type of survey for your needs. For example, you will need a Building Inspection if you are renovating a barn or outbuilding. One of our licenced bat specialists will conduct a daytime survey of the structure and make assessments regarding the likelihood of bat or nesting bird presence.

If you think that your development may disturb protected species let us know and we can enable affective solutions that work for you and for wildlife.


Contact us online or call our main enquiries number on 01626 638042 for our North & South Devon offices where we will be happy to discuss your project.