Otter Survey

Otter populations in the UK were in serious decline from the 1950s onwards as a result of polluted waterways and habitat loss and fragmentation.

Otters are now offered legal protection, and due to conservation efforts and protective legislation their numbers are now improving. If it is considered that a development may disturb otters an initial survey to confirm the presence or absence of otters will be required.

Otters are active all year and are generally nocturnal. To survey for otters signs such as spraint, feeding remains and holts will be identified. An areas of approximately 100m on either side of the water course will need to be surveyed.

Should signs of otters be identified it may be necessary to conduct further survey work to establish more detail about the otters on site. This information is used to inform any mitigation design should it be required.

Orbis Ecology Otters Protected Species Survey Timetable


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